Animals without a collar (2018)


In Andalusia, Abel (Daniel Grao) is a politician dedicated to the fight for the most disadvantaged who has just made history. For his part, his wife, Nora (Natalia de Molina), is the guardian of a secret that can change everything. The promise of a new life for both of them is truncated by the appearance of Víctor, a high office in disgrace, and two former friends, Virginia (Natalia Mateo) and Félix (Borja Luna), friends of a time that they prefer to forget ... Thriller for the production company «Late for Anger.» 


Natalia de Molina, Daniel Grao, Natalia Mateo, Borja Luna, Mariana Cordero, Beatriz Arjona, Mario Tardón, Ignacio Mateos.


Feroz Awards 2018: Nominated for Best Supporting Actor (Ignacio Mateos)

Asecan 2019: nominated for Best Film, Leading Actress, Supporting Actor, and First Film.

Actors Union 2019: Nominated Breakout Actor


Jota Linares


Special effects


La Canica Films, Palomar, Netflix Spain, Movistar +